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How to count stairs
I know what you're probably thinking, why am I reading this page? My guess is that you think you already think you know how to count your stairs. Believe it or not most people describe stairs and count their stairs wrong in the eyes of a mover. Counting stairs is not something we normally think about. Also, most people will ask why the actual job price higher than the quote they got. This is why; they most likely discribed the stairs wrong or counted the stairs wrong. So on that note, here are a few basic mistakes people make.
What are stairs
A staircase is a way to access (up or down) another floor or landing.
Are stairs and steps different
To movers, No! Every time he/she has to move his/her foot up or down, it's considered a step or stairs. Some people will argue that stairs are inside and steps are outside so therefore the steps outside are free, this is only a myth.
Should I count my stairs from the bottom or top
You should always count from the bottom up. It's amazing how many people miscount their stairs when going from top to bottom.
Does a landing count as a step
Yes it does. Many people argue this one and don't believe that the landing should count. Well that can be their opinion, but to a mover, as said in "Are stairs and steps different" every time the mover has to raise or lower his/her foot, it counts as a step.
Are you going to charge me for one step
Generally, no among most movers. All moving companies generally charge more for each staircase in the move to cover the extra risk, time, and exposure to possible damage or personal injury. When there are 2 or more steps beside each other, it technically counts as a staircase. Most moving companies will charge a set rate for every so many stairs. Magority of the time, this rate is 5 steps, so you'll be charged for every 5 steps but if you have 4 or less left over, the movers will generally let them go and not charge you for them.
What not to do:
If you are on the border of a transition point, don't say "Why are you charging me for one extra step?" He/she is billing for every 5 steps (stick to the known facts), which is a big deal to movers. Even when you add just one step, you increase the odds of damage or injury by a minimum of four times. Just because you got a good mover who can make it look easy doesn't mean it is easy and that there's no risk involved. Remember you are paying for someone with the expertise to get over these safety obstacles.
When using a ramp, do the steps still count towards the total cost
Absolutely yes. You are paying for the mover to get over major obstacles to move your piano. Most movers don't have all this equipment seeing this equipment is expensive, so they only show up with a few moving pads and hopefully a dolly to manhandle you piano. Ramps and other special stair climbing equipment is expensive so this charge helps to pay for this special equipment and any possible set up time. If you are fortunate or wise enough to find a mover with this kind of equipment, then you need to remember that it reduces to odds of damage and possibly saved you money by needing less people to do the job.
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